We offer a great way to secure both your privacy & personal funds.

OTR is an active community coin, built to enhance the private use of the blockchain & to expose its offshore technicity..

We will focus on gathering ways to spend money in complete privacy ! To do so we intend to create an offshore compagny to offer services as local bitcoin and prepaid gift cards.
Our company will be register in an offshore state (out of the CRS legislation range of action). That's how we will REALLY be able to PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATIONS and OFFER YOU PRIVATE WAYS TO CASH OUT.

We also are creating a space where people can share methods to preserve privacy and spread information about offshore structures and ways to use them. It will form a huge up-to- date database thanks to our community's contribution, on how to secure yourself and get "off the radar" !

We plan to reward those who provide information to the database with OTR coins & we also intend to develop partnerships with others offshore located agencies, which will ensure the token value's long term stability.

Coin specifications

Name: OTRchain "OffTheRadar"

Ticker: OTR

Blocktime: 90 s

Masternode block reward:70%

POS block reward:30%

Masternode collateral : 3 000

Minimum amount for staking : 5 OTR

Max supply : 40 M

Premine : 2 M

Port : 35566


Official links

Here You can find our Market & diverse official partners' websites. They provide real time information and statistics about our coin.

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Need any help to set up your offshore structure ?
Need to improve your privacy on the internet ?
Join us to contribute and find the answer you seek!



The OTR Chain is open source. You can find its code on Github. Use this code to complit your wallet, or use one of the already-compiled wallets we made for you.

Masternode / POS

Masternodes and the POS (Proof Of Stack) system can be seen as a reward for the early investors. This will allow them to take an important place in the project. Indeed, they will be the ones to possess the most OTR! Having bought into a good position, these early investors will be able to keep control of the chart value. This is why we have simplified the feasibility of its set up to succeed with a reasonable project, which speaks to all!

In summary, the masternodes & POS rewards will strengthen our project not only by involving a community of investors, but retributing these early support by giving them a good position and decision-making power on the future of the OTR

1000 Billion dollars tax evasion each years in EU country
- Tax Justice Network info 2012 -
250 Billion dollars tax evasion each years in OCDE country
- OCDE actions 2015 -
30 well known fiscal paradise
40 % of multinational profits are relocated to fiscal paradise
- Gabriel Zucman 2017 -

Why get "Off The Radar" ?

As you all know, the most successful companies are registered out of sight, in an offshore country.
That's because the world is evolving, rules too, and national borders are becoming invisible in the financial world.

Nowadays, offshore is becoming a sensitive sector and lobbies are pushing hard on the law evolution. As we saw in 2017 with the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) directive, authorities can operate sudden change in their taxation method. So when it's about found transfer or offshore structure better stay low profile and preserve a maximal discretion. Stay "Off The Radar" and optimize your profits once you decide to cash out.

When you are using proper tools and settings, it's very easy to preserve your privacy, to do transaction that no one can track back. By adopting simple methods you can make your moves or personal data very hard to monitor.
It's the only way to use crypto in a very secure manner.

You want to run your company in an offshore State ?
You want to be aware of the newest ways to preserve your privacy on internet ?
Then OTRchain is made for you.

We are here to build a community that will help you to fully understand the offshore concept and how it's working nowadays. The community will also provide you support over internet privacy, tools to use, newest achievements, software new versions etc..
for this purpose, we will build a full network database including all required information to go for offshore solution & privacy protection. We also plan to partly rely on users, and reward those who provide information to the database with OTR coins. This will help the community to get stronger and it will help us to fill every blank, to expose any aspect of the offshore & internet privacy concept.

"How to earn a lot of profit ?

Try to do something that no-one-else did before, imagine a legal way to do it. That way must look illegitimate to anyone with ethic & morality. If there's no existing law, then it's not illegal, so it's a good idea to develop. This is how the world works nowadays."